What is Shamanism?

“Shamanism is not ‘New Age.’ It is Stone Age and has been living ever since.”

—Michael Harner

Shamanism is a permission-based practice of powering up your spirit and removing the items that are no longer necessary. 

The word shaman translates to one who sees in the dark or one who knows or “sees with their heart”. Shamans can easily travel to between non-ordinary reality and ordinary reality, or the spirit world and the physical world.

Shamanism is a method to heal and provide help and information. As old as humanity itself, it is the foremost tool to provide healing. Don’t get it twisted – shamanism is not a religion. In fact, it co-exists with religions in many cultures.

Shamanic Healing

How does shamanic healing work?

We all have a spiritual immune system that expresses the vitality of our soul. 

By using a drum beat to shift consciousness or achieve a trance state, or theta wave state, the practitioner journeys to enter non-ordinary reality (spirit world) to meet with helping spirits to gather information and bring it back to help. Interestingly, 90% of shamanic cultures use drumming to alter their consciousness versus plant medicine. 

In ancient times, the survival of the tribe depended on it.

Please read this article to understand better if shamanic healing is right for you: We Are not alone.

“Shamanic healing has shifted my body and my perspective. I feel less agitated and irritated, and suddenly the feelings were different. 
My mood, my energy field, my aura was impacted. I feel very clear after my remote healing session with Lisa.” 

-EP, May 2019