About Lisa

An empathic, intuitive soul, Lisa has remembered how to use her psychic and intuitive skills as well as strengthen her connection to the spirit world for the benefits of the community.  On a recent shamanic training, she re-engaged with her grandmother who had passed on in 2000. Her grandmother’s message was to remember her skills and put them to use! “This is what we do,” referring to her lineage of spirit-connected women.

Lisa Taylor Luna Spiritual Wellness

Trainings & Certifications

Kundalini Yoga with Raghubir, and becoming a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, followed by a summer of Shamanism in Bali with Kevin Turner from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Asia and studying Tarot, Astrology and examining her psychological mind via character styles (that link childhood experiences to later personality and psychopathology) . Lisa has effectively ascended into her place as a spirit-focused human. 

Timeline of Significant Activities

  • 2003 – Lisa takes her first yoga class while at university – mind blown.
  • 2015 – Lisa gets married
  • 2016 – first experience with intuition as an adult using guidance from coach to tap into this and use this energy for business. Learning and experimentation ensues – 
  • 2017 – Move to LA, unexpectedly
    • Jan 8 – Lisa’s birthday, big rain storms in California leading to their home being destroyed. The Powers decide to move to LA.
    • May – Lisa moves to LA, opens 2nd office for The Hive Marketing
    • October – Lisa and Chris become parents to Sophie, parental duties ensue.
  • 2018 – Time opens up for spiritual questing and Lisa dives into shamanic journeying, Kundalini yoga and exploring her psyche and more.
    • March – Lisa asks Chris for a divorce
    • May – Lisa moves out
    • July – Lisa takes Kundalini class with Charanpal in Santa Cruz and enjoys her method and style of yoga, she continue to take classes for the month while she is living there.
    • October – Lisa begins Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training
    • December- divorce finalized
  • 2019
    • May – Lisa graduates as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She leads meditation classes at her co-working space.
    • May – Lisa takes Shamanism course in Bali, Indonesia
    • June – Lisa spends the month working in Australia- Sydney and Melbourne
    • July – Lisa returns to the US, builds Luna Spiritual Wellness and begins to take clients
    • Lisa connects with her intuition via Reiki, psychotherapy and more. Guides begin to give messages, Lisa listens.

About Luna

Luna Spiritual Wellness came about in the summer of 2019 after many years and months of healing using the tools that worked – Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and shamanic healing. Lisa Taylor had many life challenges – see above. Throughout this time period, Lisa has researched and utilized many modalities for herself and to share with others.